Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a clean back Refrigerator?
    The majority of the back of the refrigerator cabinet is sealed, with no exposed coils. This means that the refrigerator can fit neatly into kitchen space, and are as easy to clean at the back as they are in front.
  • Why does the freezer door pop open when I close the fridge door?
    This will happen on all frost free's due to the air ducts between compartments. If the fridge is installed correctly (slightly leaning backwards) the door should close automatically after it pops open.
  • What should the temperatures be in my fridge/freezer?
    The temperature in the fridge should average 2° C - 6° C. The temperature in the freezer should be -16° C - -20° C.
  • What is the best way to transport a refrigerator?
    The refrigerator should be transported in an upright position.
  • What length of time should a refrigerator be left switched off after it has been transported?
    If the refrigerator is transported in an upright position, the refrigerator should be left switched off for one hour. If the refrigerator is transported on its side, the refrigerator should be left switched off for eight hours.
  • What is a Frost free Refrigerator?
    The refrigerator is kept frost free by a powerful fan that directs moisture-free, sub-zero air through the freezer and food compartment. That means that there is no manual defrosting required. An additional benefit is that there is faster temperature recovery, particularly useful on hot days when the door is opened repeatedly.
  • How do I reduce the running costs and save energy of the refrigerator?
    A few things can be done to save on energy consumption. Do not operate the freezer too cold. Allow hot foods to cool to room temperature before placing into the freezer compartment. The door gasket should seal to the cabinet when the door is closed. Keep door opening times to a minimum. Locate the unit out of direct sunlight and away from any heating appliances (i.e. cookers, dishwashers). Do not block air vents, this will cause the unit to run for longer, and therefore use more energy. If the freezer compartment is filled to capacity, the food mass will help maintain freezer temperature when the doors are being opened.
  • In the Crisper Converta Bins in the refrigerator, should the humidity control be left open or closed?
    The closed position is used for the optimum storage of vegetables. Most vegetables should be covered in plastic bags or plastic wrap to stop moisture loss, but vegetables with thicker skins don't require wrapping. The open position is used for the optimum storage of fruit and smallgoods. Fruits should also be stored in plastic, thicker skinned fruit does not require wrapping. Smallgoods are best wrapped firstly in waxed paper, then overwrapped with foil to avoid drying out.


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