Solar systems require good roof space. Most systems use 2 collectors (Flat panel or Evacuated tube) but larger systems can use up to 3 collectors. You will require at least 4m2 for a 2 panel installation (Either flat panel or Evacuated tube). For optimum performance the panels should be installed on an unshaded north- facing roof but with the efficient design of the Evacuated tube system the direction of the panels is not as critical.

This can be dependant on few things. Do you have a single or 2 storey dwelling, the location of panels & tank and what type of boost system you require ( Electric or Gas). In most situations the install can be completed in half a day.

In most cases a couple of hours when the unit is replacing the original Electric stoage tank. It may take a while longer if new plumbing and wiring is required. Please consult with your local installer on your requirements and a quote.

Different units suit different situations and are dependant on Location, availability of Natural Gas or LP Gas also access to Off-peak tariff electricity. The most efficient unit is the Solar Gas boosted evacuated tube unit.

The EcoKnight Heat Pumps is the simplest replacement for an electric water heater. They have a storage tank similar to an electric water heater. Installation in most cases can be carried out quickly by a licensed plumber as they use similar plumbing and electrical connections as a standard electric storage water heater.

Things you need to consider. How many in the household and how many bathrooms in the home. Gas storage units have 15mm gas connection and Gas continuous units require 20mm connection. Speak with your local plumber about what you will require and they can give you a quote.

Both systems can run on Off-peak power but we recommend installing them to Off-peak 2 supply . Your electricity provider can organise the change for you to Off Peak 2.

The tank of your Solar unit can be installed internally but be careful with this as most new hot water systems are much larger than the existing system. You will need to check the dimensions of the tank if it is in a tight spot e.g. corner of laundry.

The Evacuated tube system is the ideal you unit for you application. Also a Heat Pump unit could be suitable as the EcoKnight Heat Pump can operate to down to temperatures of -7 degrees C

The tank maybe installed inside, however the Heatpump unit must be installed outside but no further than 5 meters away from the tank.

All units must be installed by an authorised installer.